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handmade collage

In a billion years  After our planet is dead Will anybody remember  The lives we led?  In a billion years  Our star will fall  a global civilization  Of walking, talking monkeys; making miles of suburban sprawl. A thousand million years from now Our dust will cover forgotten cities  settling over crumbling piles  of cement and glass;  petrified bones of forgotten celebrities buried under purple grass. A billion years  A billion years of dried up Evaporated tears  Countless species recycled  From the bones of 10,000 years.

They flossed their teeth  With friends that looked better On such small screens; Like thylacines gathering  Around hollow corpses. lumbering land walkers breaking under the weight  of their limited time. Spines wracking  from 10,000 lines. Fantasized guys  feminized by sharp teeth.  And all the cities crumbled when the animals in them cried;  Eating their way out from the inside


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literally me if i get married

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look at her

Just some body positive art. There was once a time when all I drew was emaciated figures with long flowing hair (the total opposite of my appearance). Now I accept who I am and love sharing my sassy self-portraits!!

Looking out. Photo: @bethanymarieco #HerschelSupply #WellTravelled by herschelsupply